Kerrigan’s Race

For Olympic hopeful Kerrigan Everett, times couldn’t be better. After more than a decade of arduous training, she’s the odds-on favorite to take home gold in Tokyo. Her MMA champion heartthrob of a fiancé is as tender outside the ring as he is deadly inside the cage, and she couldn’t ask for a more supportive, loving family. But when she pushes for the wall in the Olympic trail finals she passes straight through it, entering the aquatic foreign world of Teresolee. The mermaid-like creatures that dominate the strange planet recently lost the last of their fertile women to the unending griffin uprising. Out of desperation, one of the long-sealed earthen portals was reopened, allowing them to capture human females they can genetically alter to bear Syreni young and live a life beneath the sea.

Ever the determined fighter, Kerrigan soon hatches a plan to free her and her fellow swimmers, forging an alliance of sorts with Aristos, the fish-tailed Greek god of a male who abducted them. But not even the calculated plotting of a renowned forensic scientist’s child could account for her being chosen by Neptune and Poseidon to become the Syreni’s next queen. As if being stolen away from her friends, family and fiancé wasn’t enough, she awakens with the body of a Syreni female, the eyes of their goddess and a new name. The former atheist must now learn to become a devoted servant to the gods, who she can no longer deny the existence of after she is swept away to Mt. Olympus to meet them.

As for the male the king has declared she will wed, he loathes the forced pairing even more than she does, having lost his bonded soul mate—the king’s own daughter—to the griffins a decade ago along with their unborn child. The fate of Teresolee now rests in the hands of these bitter enemies, far more likely to assassinate each other than to mate.

Excerpts from Kerrigan’s Race